Youth in the City set out to develop a model of storytelling and educational intervention that may provide an effective and critical opposition to racism and xenophobia, by collaborating with local communities at the development of educational and media resources on the importance of migration and transculturality in contemporary society.

On this page you can find our educational guidelines, research articles and links to useful digital tools to replicate our participatory storytelling model  in your own city.

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  • La Nostra Prato – A Teacher’s Guide: This document presents guidelines on how to use La Nostra Prato digital storytelling experience in the classroom, offering advice to educators on how to make the most of the digital storytelling experience through a series of in-class activities tailored for students from age fourteen onwards. Download in: EnglishItalian

  • La Nostra Prato – Workshop Guidelines: This document reconstructs the week of workshops that we conducted in Prato, reflecting on what we learnt as a research team and on the co-creative exploration of the city that we experienced together with participants. In doing so, it offers guidelines and supporting materials to facilitate the replication of this participatory-action initiative in other cities. Download in: English


Learn more about the project’s results, our methodology and what we learnt through the process.


  • Ricatti, Francesco, Matteo Dutto, and Rita Wilson. “Ethnic enclave or transcultural edge? Reassessing the Prato district through digital mapping.” Modern Italy 24, no. 4 (2019): 369-381.