Youth in the City (YITC) is an initiative led by scholars at Monash University and Aalborg University, in collaboration with the design and innovation studio Logic Moon.

Participants to the La Nostra Prato pilot project discuss how to organise the final exhibition

Young people in superdiverse urban contexts can play a vital role in bringing together their communities, fostering social cohesion and building socio-economic resilience. Their lived experiences across different cultures, languages and social contexts provide the potential for great leadership within increasingly complex, transcultural and multilingual societies. Yet such great potential is often hindered by lack of opportunities, confidence and leadership skills; and by different forms of discrimination at the intersection of class, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientations, and physical abilities.

YITC aims to foster leadership for social change through creative practices and digital projects within superdiverse cities across the world. We focus on initiatives centred around young people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds that will foster the development of leadership and communicative skills and build communities of practice.

YITC provides young people with the opportunity to work on impactful creative and digital projects with established cultural entrepreneurs, digital designers, artists, scholars and educators. By empowering the youth and giving their perspectives enhanced visibility and impact at local, national, and global level, Youth in the City encourages young people to recognise and embrace their potential for leadership.

Our approach is founded on three pillars: it is transcultural, transdisciplinary and participatory.

The launch of La Nostra Prato exhibition


  • Transcultural, as we believe in the creative potential of different languages and cultures coming together and influencing each other, in turn fostering social cohesion within superdiverse communities.
  • Transdisciplinary, as we believe in bridging the gaps between research, creative practices, entrepreneurship, education, and civic engagement.
  • Participatory, as we believe transcultural processes need to be led by empowered local communities and to nurture local leadership, especially amongst young people.

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